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Financial Aid
Most of our courses are priced competitively when compared to fees at other teaching institutes. However, because of the high cost of software, hardware, and networking equipment, the fee can appear to be steep to some. We also pay our faculty well, to ensure their commitment to our students. As our courses lead to immediate employment opportunities for most, many banks and financial institutions offer student loans toward the payment of our fees. We have tie-ups with <bank 1> and <bank 2>. Please feel free to approach them for details regarding the loan amount and the terms of the loan. You do need to meet certain eligibility criteria to qualify for an educational loan. However, by proving your academic credentials as well as your good credit history you can qualify for a loan to meet the fee requirements. We assure you that obtaining financial aid to attend our courses is easier than you think.

Many companies too are willing to extend loans to their employees to enhance their skills. It is well worth your time to ask your current employer if they are willing to lend you the fee amount at a lower interest rate.

Even if you can afford to pay the fee amount upfront, it might make financial sense to opt for a low-interest loan if you are eligible for it. Please do contact <bank1> and <bank2> before you decide on the affordability of our courses. As they have already vetted us, the paperwork you need to complete will be minimal.

In today's hyper-competitive world you both need to have the knowledge and the proof that you have it to succeed. Many people gain a working knowledge of various software, applications, hardware, and networks through experience and trail and error. They are, however, not able to find lucrative employment as they do not have the necessary certifications to prove their worth. <Microsoft/ Cisco/ SAP> offers certifications based on tests that you take. As these tests are time-bound and structured, you need to prepare for them systematically. Our certification courses will help you clear these tests easily. Once you are a <Microsoft/Cisco/SAP>-certified professional, you will find that potential employers look at you and your resume with more respect. You can command a higher salary and better perks and benefits. With the right kind of certifications, you can get your dream job easily. All our certification courses are tailored to meet the test requirements of the leaders in their field. Besides, they have all been chosen for their employment potential. You can choose any of them to help give a leg up to your career. Choose from the list of certification courses given below. Please check the list frequently as we add new courses at regular intervals.


Corporate Solutions
Apart from teaching individual students, <<company name>> also offers corporate solutions. Here, members of our faculty visit the enterprises concerned and instruct employees on new software, hardware, and networking products. This is especially useful if an enterprise has switched to a new IT product or a new IT product has come to the market. Either way, existing employees are bound to be at a loss to handle the transition smoothly. This is where our experienced faculty steps in shows the ropes to the existing employees. The enterprise can then re-train and re-deploy its work force for maximum gain to productivity. As we offer attractive package deals to corporates, enterprises can use both their money and their employees' time sparingly to maximize benefits. Instead of sending a the entire staff of a department to training institutes, let our qualified faculty come to your offices and provide hands-on training to your employees.

Our experienced faculty has assisted in the IT transition of many local enterprises such as <list a few>. All these enterprises have benefitted from our valuable service. Our students too are willing to work as interns in local enterprises. This benefits both the students and the enterprises. We have been encouraging this win-win situation for the past <years> years. If your enterprise is interested in offering internships to our students please do contact us. All our students are well trained and come with new problem-solving techniques. They will offer your enterprise a fresh perspective on handling established issues. They will help your enterprise handle any extra work that comes up periodically. Besides, you get to evaluate the potential of the interns in a work environment before deciding to make them an offer.

Our faculty has had industrial experience before becoming instructors. As they are constantly updating themselves on the newest techniques and products, your IT department can use their services to solve specific problems. We welcome our interactions with corporates as it gives us a hands-on experience of current problems. All our faculty members act as consultants in their areas of specializations. Their experience combined with their enthusiasm has helped solve many IT problems for local enterprises.

Whether you are looking to switch software or hardware, or are looking for an upgraded networking solution, our faculty will be ready to guide you. As they have an in-depth knowledge of various software, hardware, and networking solutions, they will be able to provide an unbiased opinion of which package will best suit your needs.

Career Services/Placement Record
<<company name>> has an excellent track record in assisting students in securing employment at companies that offer excellent pay and benefits. Most industry recruiters are familiar with students from <<company name>> and this track record helps fresh students obtain great jobs. This is surely an added advantage of choosing <<company name>> as the institute of your choice. We receive regular requests from local HR personnel to let them know when a course is over, so that they can pick the best candidates for their needs. We have succeeded in helping over <percent> per cent of our students secure appropriate employment. We have an ongoing interaction with both local and national level enterprises, and this helps us to place our students in good positions based on their capabilities.

Many recruiters in the IT field are aware of our reputation and ability to turn out top-quality specialists. This means that you acquire your certificates from a well-known name in the field of IT teaching. A resume that includes our name is sure to open career doors for you. Our faculty too consists of well-respected professionals in their fields, and letters of recommendations from them will help you to secure your dream job. We have a special HR executive who spends time with both students and potential recruiters to ensure that there is a good match between the job offered and the student's expectations. The name we have made for ourselves adds value to your certificates and diplomas from us.

Evaluation Methods
Apart from training students for certifications from IT majors, <<company name>> also has a few in-house training programs. These are sought after by those eager to enter the IT field. Each course is designed to train the student in specific areas. Students are evaluated after the completion of each module and appropriate feedback is provided to help the student increase their scores. Students are also evaluated on practical projects that they undertake with the guidance of the course instructor. As practical work makes up 50 per cent of a student's final score, those who do well in the tests and examinations conducted by <<company name>> can command a good starting salary. We award extra marks for out-of-the-box thinking and discourage rote learning. Our evaluation methods are proven and impartial apart from reflecting the needs of industry.

For the certification courses, we provide hands-on training that helps the student do well in the tests conducted by <Microsoft, Cisco, SAP>. We also hold mock tests to help the students judge their preparedness for the actual test. As feedback is provided after the mock tests, students can correct their study methods to clear the certification tests in the first attempt. Our tests are designed to help students understand exactly what the industry wants from them. This is an invaluable tool that assists our students in faring well in the certification courses. We encourage all our students to attempt all the tests we hold, so that they are well-prepared for the final certification tests.